About Ellie

Meet Ellie Rose

Blogger, Mama, Wife, Decor & Home Lover

Hi and welcome! I’m Ellie, a wife and mother of two, trying to earn my keep and stay relatively sane. If that’s even possible. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to a rural community after meeting my husband. We live in a historic 1915 home and embrace all the goodies she has to offer. Cracks, bats, and all.

In 2018, I was forced to confront health issues and leave my corporate work behind me. I had to find a new way to spend my days so I started a blog. A place to share my love of vintage and chippy, the joys (and faux pas) of parenting, adventures fixing up our historic home, and anything helpful or entertaining for you. I strive to make everything involving home beautiful because we only have one life to live.

What Makes Me, Me
  • Collector of vintage and chippy
  • Aspiring mother and wife
  • Spontaneous DIY’er

  • Decor and home enthusiast
  • Chronic illness patient
  • Amateur photographer

Thanks for stopping!  ~Ellie