Pizza Cookie Tutorial

The pizza cookies at my son’s birthday were a huge hit. Not only were they adorable and realistic but they tasted great, too. Here are the steps I took to decorate them, mistakes and all. If you try making some be sure to comment and share your photos. I want to see!

Personal Pizza

Ingredients/ Supplies:
  • Sugar cookies
  • Buttercream frosting (red and white)
  • Zip-loc bag and scissors or frosting piping bag
  • Red M&M’s or Skittles
  • Green sprinkles
  • Butter knife or spatula
  • Toothpick

I chose to use a sugar cookie recipe like this one for my mini pizzas and to have fun with the decoration piece. My favorite frosting is buttercream so I decided to use red for the sauce and white for the cheese. You can make a batch like this or purchase store bought buttercream. If buying, I’d guess about 12 ounces of red and 8 ounces of white for a dozen cookies.

Tip: Buttercream spreads better while warm or fresh to the air. In this case, I was going for a more pasty look so I let it sit a minute before spreading. It took a little longer and I broke some cookie edges, but I’d do it the same way next time.

To get the white to look like cheese I experimented with piping it on using what I had at my disposal; a Ziploc bag. It worked great and was quick and quite easy. I scooped some frosting in, zipped her up, and just barely cut the tip off.

I started squeezing and playing with lengths and placements. The goal was to look like we sprinkled cheese, so the more random the better.

Loops were inevitable when squeezing quickly so I used a toothpick to break them.

I’m no professional. As you can see I broke some of the cookie’s edges while frosting and that’s okay.

Next, I added the pepperonis. Red M&M’s fit the bill perfectly. For transparency sake, I tend to work on the fly and in doing so run into the occasional pitfall. In this case, I ran out of red M&M’s and had to substitute with a few red Skittles to save on an emergency grocery run. I knew my kids wouldn’t mind so I just set those ones aside. I added green sprinkles for a little extra color and pep as a final step.

Didn’t they turn out so cute? My kids loved them which is a win for this Mama 🙂

Family Size

Ingredients/ Supplies:
  • Large sugar cookie
  • Buttercream frosting (red and white)
  • Ziploc bag and scissors or frosting piping bag
  • Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Green sprinkles
  • Butter knife or spatula
  • Toothpick

For the larger pizza, I used the same sugar cookie recipe and rounded the dough to fit on a 14″ pizza pan. The pan had holes in the bottom and, despite me poking the dough with a fork, the air forced it to rise and bubble over the edges. I noticed when I smelled the ooze burning on the bottom of the oven. After shouting “CRAP!” a couple times I cleaned it up, took a deep breath, and transferred it to a regular cookie sheet (hence the slightly straight sides). I live and learn so you don’t have to (hehehe).

I followed the same basic steps as with the small cookies above including the same amount of frostings. I spread the red buttercream for sauce and the white for cheese. The difference came with regard to the scale of the pizza. I wanted it to be more realistic so I needed slightly larger toppings.

As you can see above, the same size hole in the Ziploc bag made the cheese appear far too thin. I squeezed several pieces and then snipped a little more off the tip to increase the size. The larger hole gave the cheese a more melted look which is exactly what I was after.

For larger pepperoni, I chose to use strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups. They’re easy to work with and tasty to eat.

I used a miniature mason jar glass to cut-out circles in the Fruit Roll-Up but you could the bottom of a regular drinking glass. Anything 1-2″ in size would work.

I cut about 3-4 circles per Roll-Up and could have gotten more if there were not designs printed on them. Unfortunately, I could not find plain Fruit Roll-Ups in my area.

As I cut out the pepperonis I placed them on the cookie pizza randomly. To make them look even more realistic I cupped them and smooshed them into slightly irregular shapes. Like a freshly cooked pizza, no circle was exactly the same.

It looks good enough to eat and it was. My husband commented that he wasn’t sure about my flavor combinations and he took the words back quickly after tasting. I made a mental note to remind him of the instance in the future if he ever questions my palate again. Just kidding, well maybe…

So guys, the whole family had fun with this one and wants to do it again soon. Please try it out and let me know what you may do differently (different toppings, kind of cookie, etc.). You can’t go wrong with pizza and sweets!

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellie

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