Pandemic Pizza Party

This year my little guy turns six. Holy Hannah, how did that happen? Where did his soft fuzzy hair, droolies, and chub rolls go so quickly? I’m in total mom denial over here. My husband seconds and thirds my motion of denial and really cannot understand it. In any case, here we are at year six ((gulp)).

I asked Mr. O what he would like for his birthday theme and he responded with Spider Man, video games, and my favorite, “I don’t know”. I asked how he’d feel about a pizza party and his ginormous grin was my answer. Pizza is his all-time favorite meal after all! (see P i z z a Dreamin’)

Since Minnesota is just taking steps to come out of quarantine I explained this wasn’t going to be a big party. Daydreams of inviting little friends from kindergarten would have to wait, but grandparents and uncles would be good to ease us back into having visitors at the house.

My initial idea was a build-your-own-pizza bar with all the classic toppings freshly sliced. I envisioned a colorful table with bowl after bowl of meats, cheese, veggies and spices before remembering my son only eats cheese and pepperoni on his pizza. What would be more special to the birthday boy?

Compromise time. We could still do homemade pizza for dinner and have a playful dessert. Desserts are more up O’s alley anyway.

I knew immediately I wanted to make a pizza cookie in place of a cake but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make one large or a bunch of minis- so I did both. The more the tastier!

For decorations I kept it simple and inexpensive. I searched throughout the house and pulled items that felt like a pizzeria (wine decanters, candles, olive branches, cutting board, etc.). I also made a stop at the local dollar store and Target where I scored pizza wrapping paper, a pizza gift bag, and red garlands, bows, and table cloth (Mr. O’s favorite color!). To add a little flare to the garland, I made slices of pepperoni pizza out of paper and hung them using mini clothespins. Pretty simple!

It turned out so cute and Mr. O was beyond pleased. I would be too if I had my very own pizza parlor in my dining room ((wink, wink)). We each made our own custom pizza for dinner and then celebrated with yummy treats (and of course some presents).

It turns out turning six is pretty delicious and nothing to be sad about. New adventures and flavors are just around the bend and this Mama is ready.

I’ll post a tutorial next with how I decorated the pizza desserts. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellie

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