Cozy & Simple Christmas

This year’s winter decor was an experiment in the “less is more” theory. I knew I wanted to use more whites, less harsh reds, and not buy any new decorations, but I didn’t know if I could hold myself back. If you know me and Christmas, you know leaving many of my favorite goodies in their crates would be a tough feat.

Instead of overthinking my plan, which I’m famous for, I quickly whipped out the clear glass and silver decorations and all my fake trees. I put the bins back in the basement ASAP and scrounged around the house to see what else I could use.

After “shopping” around the house, I decided to incorporate aged bronze with white. White candles, white flowers, and (white) milk glass along with solid clear (white) lights for sparkle. I love the look they created mixed together. Natural materials like burlap and linen provided some casual backdrops and an overall inviting feel. I even switched out the dining table centerpiece a couple times to move candles and flowers around the house at different times. I had fun 🙂

I couldn’t have burned all my candles without this shaver and sticky wax. Crucial elements for sturdy candlesticks, in my opinion.
These photos added after Santa visited and left hints of red!

We definitely felt warm and cozy with neutrals this holiday season. Who knew I had so many white things lying around that I could use for holiday decorations?

Do you think you could simplify your style by shopping around your home and substituting colors and textures? Try it out and let me know how it goes. Don’t forget to take photos to share below!

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellie

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