Quick & Easy Halloween Treats & Craft Idea

You don’t have to be a craft whiz or an expert chef to make kid-friendly decorations and treats (trust me!). Here are some quick and easy ideas I tried this Halloween that were a hit with the critics…I mean family 😉

Spooky Eyeball Cookies

  • Take apart Oreo cookies.
  • Add edible decorating gel (a colored blob for the iris’ and red squiggles for a blood shot look).
  • Place a brown M&M in the center of the colored gel.


Creepy Crawly Caterpillar Kabobs

  • Pierce grapes with a wood skewer to desired length.
  • Attach candy eyes to a dab of green decorating gel.
  • You could also use a cherry tomato for the head (I knew my kiddos preferred grapes).

Poof! A simple and healthy snack.

Pretzel Skeletons & Apple Smiles

  • Use a regular sized marshmallow for a head.
  • Push onto a mini pretzel stick.
  • Place through 4 yogurt covered pretzels.
  • Decorate the face (I used a marker but you could use decorating pen or gel).
  • Slice apples in to approximately half-inch sizes.
  • Spread peanut better for gums (or in this case red food gel)
  • Take two slices and sandwich mini marshmallows in-between. The more crooked the marshmallows the more creepy the smile.

Clothespin Fingers

I used four basic craft paint colors (ebony black, buttermilk, true red and festive green) in a relatively inexpensive paint from Michael’s to paint wooden clothespins. There’s no need to break the bank.

  • Paint clothespins in desired color(s). I did some nude and some green. You may need two coats.
  • Let dry.
  • Add embellishments like fingernails, warts, stitches, and/ or knuckles. I used red nails on both the nude and green “witch” fingers and black on the “monster” fingers. Initially I blobbed green paint for warts but they didn’t show unless under direct lighting so I added black. I also added black on the witch nails for a chipped affect.

Just play around and have fun. If you make a mistake you can paint over it and start again. I may have done that a time or two 🙂 Not only are they cute, but they’re versatile. I’ve used them in a number of different ways for decor around the house. Check out my Halloween decor post here.

I hope these budget and time-friendly ideas inspire you to have some fun this Halloweenie season. If I can do it, so can you.

Have any questions or want to show your creations? Just post below!

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellie

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