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Neutral Fall Decor

This fall is all about the greens and whites with accents of gold for good measure. Believe it or not I’ve never been a fan of gold but I’ve grown to appreciate it over the last year (aging is a funny thing) 😉

I’m loving the neutrals with my 1923 wooden ironing board. It was made in Minneapolis, MN and the top is painted a light moss green (how perfect!). It even has the original Rid-Jid sticker on it, which I love. I can’t say I’d keep the sticker if it was a new board I just purchased… Funny how that works, eh?

A very subtle fall decoration is the antique corn seed planter in the corner. Living in the Midwest, it can’t be more relevant at this time of year. I love it because it looks so unassuming with the rustic flair of my other furnishings.

The shades of green from the pumpkins really compliment and bring out the greens and blues of my vintage glassware.

A cute corner on the opposite side of the dining room featuring antique cattle lithographs. I have similar lithos displayed throughout the main floor of our home, all keeping with the country farming theme. I love moo cows.

I didn’t know where I wanted to use my farmer’s market sign so I stuck it in the hutch. When in doubt, experiment. In a way, it’s like taking photos. Try different angles and lighting and eventually you hit gold.

Since taking these photos I found a vintage oval frame to add to this grouping on top of the hutch. Having an odd number is always more pleasing to the eye.

I joke that I had no choice but to adopt a farmhouse country style in order to make my husband’s mounted fish work with the rest of the house. He won’t let me move it anywhere so it’s partially true (hahaha).

Need a little something extra? Place glass over it. It’s an instant style elevator.

I hope you enjoyed my simple and neutral autumn decor. Let me know below if you have a special color scheme this year. And once again…

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellie

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