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Superhero. Conservator of Order. AKA Mom.

I don’t know if you have kids, if you’re young or old, or if you’re male or female. BUT if you live with, work with, or have helped those who’ve misplaced an item or two you might discover something about yourself. Read on my friend!

We bought our son a bunch of games this past Christmas. Age four felt like the right time to start learning about winning (and losing). Man oh man, we done good! He absolutely loved them! Every day, “Mommy, can we play poo-poo stinky (Doggie Doo)?” or “Daddy, can we play Hippos?”
Several months later, we had contractors coming to fix water damage from the winter. As people do, we packed everything up before construction began. Away went the games, toys, decorations, and furniture. It turns out we did too good a job.
Fast forward two months, and we were putting the house back in order. Except, where were Hungry Hungry Hippos?? 😧😧😧
My husband and son looked everywhere. I was even called on to do my superhuman, mommy-detective duty because, let’s face it, my fellas don’t do the most thorough job.
What’s the saying, “Nothing is really lost until mom can’t find it”?
I got excited because I spotted the Hippo box. Alas, it was empty. (How did that happen?) Mommy came up empty. Hungry Hippos were officially lost. For about a week. I persisted and Hippos are in hand. Yes! (Victory dance) Mom to the rescue!
Are you the go-to when something is misplaced? A fellow superhero? Well, CONGRATS! You’re officially a Mommy. Whether it be a boy, girl, co-worker or friend— you are the Mom figure. And there’s nothing wrong with that 🤣🤣🤣
In case you’re dying of curiosity, the game was placed on top of the changing table (we obviously no longer use) and then covered by picture frames and pillows 😝

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellen

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