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5 Reasons It’s Tough Being Green (and little)

Remember when you were two-three-four years old and nothing made sense? Yeah, me neither. But trust me when I say we’ve all been there! I know this because I see it in my little boy’s eyes every day and it’s got me thinking — Why are grown-ups so confusing?

–Here are the Top 5 Reasons It’s Tough Being Green (and little)–

1.) .:Crossing the street is as easy as Stop. Look. Listen:.

If you agree, you haven’t had to explain the ins and outs to a little person lately.

There’s walking. There’s driving.  Each with its own set of rules.

There are stop signs. There are stop lights. There are uncontrolled intersections. And don’t forget the roundabouts. More rules.

Sometimes green means Go and other times just looking is Okay. Then there are the crosswalks. Even more rules.

What the…? Even I get confused trying to explain all these exceptions.

2.) .:Don’t yell. Use your inside voice:.

WAIT! STOOOOP! Put that down! [Insert First. Middle. Last Name], come back here!

Can you really say YOU don’t yell? I can’t. And I don’t think it’s because my child has a disability. Or because I’m a loud person. Adults are just. Well. Hypocritical. šŸ¤”

3.) .:Picking your nose is icky:.

But aren’t we, as parents, the first ones diggin’ in if we see a bat in the cave — especially out in public?

Heaven forbid our sweet littles have something tickling their tiny nostrils. Am I true?

I know I want to get the crusty crud out before a little finger makes its way in and pulls out a salty snack. Would it be salty? ((Barf))

4.) .:Don’t throw in the house:.

Except I’m pretty sure we do. At least I do anyway — I’ll admit it — and I know I’m guilty of saying this at least once a day! In fact, I threw a diaper across the room about five minutes ago…

Look at fishing. Something we do a lot of in our family. I can totally see why our son expects to throw his fishing rod and ALL else overboard when we’re in the boat. It looks an awful lot like we’re throwing the rod -and- bobber when casting — doesn’t it?

5.) .:’Blow’ your nose:.

Try explaining this one. Point made.

Noses, I mean, they made the list twice…

No one said parenting was easy. I think it’s safe to add that leading by example isn’t either. šŸ˜œ


Screen shots, photos, and stories are edited to omit my little ones’ names. Thanks for understanding. ā¤

Thanks for stopping! ~Ellen

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